Fortune Greece Redesign

Fortune Greece Redesign

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Fortune is the largest business media brand in the world and its digital presence through is the focus of all its communication channels in Greece. Construction of the website started in 2013 and, after a series of changes, the time came for its radical renewal. This aimed to turn Fortune Greece’s existing web presence into a dynamic, comprehensive and modern portal showcasing different communication channels, and with flexible management and adaptation of content in combination with multiple viewing options.

This redesign process evolved through our long-term collaboration with the Fortune Greece team and was completed just before the end of the year.

The challenge

Fortune Greece needed a radical content redesign. As with the holistic redesign of any website, we started by considering in detail the technical and other improvements needed to meet the modern demands of its readership. A major challenge regarding the overall user navigation experience (UI/UX), for example, was how to combine more than 150,000 primary content articles with the required SEO E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) compliance features, 3,000 brands/companies with 2,000 individuals/businesspeople and more than 60 ranking lists into a new, fresh design.

Άρθρα 150.000
Brands/Companies 3000
Business people 2000
Lists 60

There were two main priorities in this project: flexibility and adaptability. We needed to incorporate the flexibility to display text, video and images with different parameters according to Fortune Greece’s editorial and commercial needs, and adaptability to the daily demands of the digital media world. All this had to be combined with the digital projection of premium content from exclusive activities, including live events, major topics from the print edition, exclusive interviews with the biggest business leaders in Greece and abroad, special thematic categories, video shows and podcasts with customized content.

The design

Considering all these challenges, we organized the workflow for the redesign around a focus on creating valid digital solutions. To achieve maximum awareness of the international Fortune business brand, the implementation is based on a completely customized WordPress platform environment – one that is similar in style to Fortune USA.

In collaboration with Fortune’s management and editorial team, we proposed, presented and analyzed step-by-step the creative alternatives in terms of appearance, functionality and adaptation to the requirements of online search engines. The homepage was redesigned based on maximum flexibility for content rearrangement. In a series of in-depth sessions, we trained Fortune Greece’s team members in digital best practices so that the redesign of the website would evolve into a basis from which to produce new dynamic themes, while keeping the core of the medium unchanged.

Three of the biggest challenges for the transformation of Fortune Greece were display of the magazine’s lists; provision for the creation of fully customized content islands, which change in form and design depending on the actions covered; and the functional transfer of the website into a mobile environment. These three projects significantly enhanced the existing content, by changing the way in which corporate data and the stored digital knowledge of a whole decade are displayed, even on the screen of a smartphone.

When it came to the mobile design, we kept the information on the front page and internal pages – especially as far as lists are concerned – unchanged, aiming at achieving total functionality and ease of use. To this end, we redesigned the mobile and tablet version of, following in parallel with the desktop version all the steps taken from the beginning of the project to its final launch.

At the same time, the process of simplifying the display of this custom content was channeled through multiple display modes on the homepage and for internal articles. With modern interlinking tools, fully customized and extremely easy-to-use content republishing functions we created a result that made the great transition to “Fortune Greece 2.0” possible. The use of new Parachute fonts was also decisive for the final image and improved performance of the content. We made this font choice to fit with the general corporate identity of the brand (magazine, Fortune USA) and so that we could properly display a large volume of content.

Ongoing support

Fortune Greece’s redesign mission adjusted the knowledge and training of its managers to the needs of a media outlet operating at such a scale. After all, the tasks that reshape a “living” digital organization are as dynamic as its corporate identity. This means that responding to user demands and new services requires creative adaptation, knowledge and re-education – a trio that characterizes our philosophy of continuous support to all our partners.

Through our extremely successful collaboration with the Fortune Greece Team, we continue to support their transition to a new digital era. We offer agile responses to the specific needs of the multiple projects that are running on a daily basis. This includes enhanced solutions for display of the dynamic digital content resulting from live events. We redefine the display of each new issue of the magazine and the list that accompanies it, prioritizing aesthetic and functional design adaptations in a fully customized environment. In this way, the website and all Fortune Greece’s communication channels reshape their relationship with their readership, surpassing their daily information needs and setting new standards in an ever-changing, challenging digital world.

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