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Building trust between the creator of a digital business platform and its users requires an excellent understanding and knowledge of the market. The challenge of creating Fortune Greece Network (FGN) on behalf of Fortune Greece did not simply require the technical knowledge to build a subscription platform with live and on-demand video, dynamic member connectivity, creation of personal pages following the standards of modern social media, and live updates on actions in the digital and physical world. It required the co-creation of an entire business plan.

The beginning

The launch of FGN started from scratch on a digital and organizational level, with the aim of giving business executives access to the invaluable knowledge of Fortune Greece’s network specialists and mentors. The initial concept involved the creation of a subscription platform that broadcasts live seminars either from a specially designed studio or from the participants’ business premises, exclusively for its members. The first requirement for the construction of this communication platform was to differentiate it from Fortune Greece’s existing aesthetics. In collaboration with the FGN team, we designed and built the digital presentation of all activities from the beginning, based on three elements:

  1. The transmission of content in video, text and image format.
  2. The setting up of personal accounts for each member and mentor.
  3. The ability for all members and content creators to communicate on and off the platform in a custom messaging environment.

The design

The needs that arose during the initial design of FGN were extended ‘out of code’. This is, after all, a product that is intended to attract interested parties to become subscribers. In this way, we contributed to the development of a digital business plan, providing appropriate advice for a more efficient and faster assimilation of the information to be included in the platform.

The next step was the execution of the plan. In a fully customized environment, we designed the multi-level operation of FGN. We first provided for the possibility of live viewing of the videos within the page. We then organized the viewing process based on the annual scheduling and addition of new sessions on a weekly basis. Finally, we took into account the need for seamless distribution of the key information about each session and its speaker(s).

In addition to the process of viewing live and on-demand video, we added the ability to create and develop personal pages for each member, executive and partner of the platform. At the same time, each FGN community member has the ability to interact with each other on three levels: on the public blog, in a private environment within the page, and in an external environment.

Keeping in mind Fortune Greece Network’s vision of a subscription platform that is not freely accessible by every internet user, we designed and put into practice all the necessary safeguards to protect personal data. We gave  each user full control over how, when and where to interact with other members.

Enhanced features

Our design for how the user could view FGN’s activities  is based on the philosophy of simplicity and usability. Its implementation, both in desktop and mobile format, contains all the necessary information, which is updated on a daily basis either by the administrators of the site or by its members. Even better, it showcases FGN’s programme of upcoming and past activities in a way that can only be compared to the most informative international digital platforms. It has numerous extra features intended to enhance the members’ experience, including discussion forums created by FGN administrators and members, and access to all printed versions of Fortune Greece magazine.

Strong partnerships

FGN’s digital platform builds bridges not only among its members, but also among the contributors to any event. In collaboration with video production companies, the first live session, when the project was still in beta version, was a great success, as befits a well-renowned brand like Fortune Greece. Our constant communication with the FGN contributors added extra customized functions to the platform.  The level of engagement is now such that the platform is a business social network where content is produced not only by its administrators, but also by its users.

As a result of the relationship of trust that we have developed with Fortune Greece, we have further strengthened the medium’s ties with its readers and subscribers. Through Fortune Greece Network, we have set the right conditions for full utilization of the platform’s services through viewing exclusive seminars, networking with recognized market executives, passing on knowledge and experience, meeting and exchanging views with world-renowned mentors and entrepreneurs, and reproducing and creating high-quality content.

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