BTW Reads / Growing Up Underground

BTW Reads / Growing Up Underground

Steven Heller is a big chapter in the recent history of graphic design and illustration. He has written, co-written and edited more than 200 books on design. His insightful, down to earth and humorous critical voice has been a valuable source for design thinking.

The story

From working in underground newspapers and magazines like “The New York Review of Sex” and “Screw” to becoming the youngest-ever art director for The New York Times at 24, Steven Heller delivers with this memoir a retrospective of the 1960’s and 1970’s “underground” design and illustration scene in New York. As well as covering a huge number of historical facts, he also recalls for us the people who influenced the recent history of design, including some of the world’s greatest art directors and illustrators.

We are immersed in an invaluable visual feast of 100 colour photographs. His sharp-witted and self-deprecating remarks made this book a delightful reading experience, an informative resource for design history, an inspiration and a great way to spend your leisure time.

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