JDB Development is a building construction company based in Athens. It consists of a very talented crew of engineers, architects, interior designers and a team of experienced partners. Their philosophy is to create functional spaces of unique design with respect to their customers’ needs. JDB team is always on the hunt for fresh ideas introducing new materials and techniques no matter the project they are working on.

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We took extra care of the photo selection for each project in order to provide users with a representative photo gallery of the constructions’ final outcome. We also paid special attention so that the content is concise but at the same time explanatory.

We aimed to include all relevant information about each project and service avoiding any super technical terms that might be overwhelming to the users. The website is available in any mobile device and focuses on the projection of images rather than lengthy texts.


  • Copywrite
  • Website design
  • Website development

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We also designed the graphics for each one of the services that JDB provides according to the website’s clean layout.