With 35 years of successful cooperation with top worldwide brands of industrial equipment and lifting machinery, Kapountalis Bros is a company with solid awareness of the national market to acknowledge the need of a new website that reflects their expertise. They steadily moved to their new and improved digital environment with the help of our team in order to boost the promotion of the company’s profile, products and services.

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Our main goal regarding Kapountalis Bros new website was to be as credible as their relationship with their customers and partners during all these years. We enhanced the layout of product categories and enabled direct communication between visitors/users with the company using an online form on each product’s page.

We paid extra attention to the content improvement and SEO including all necessary information as well as a new photoshooting, where needed, to highlight the products and the company’s headquarters. We had an outstanding result considering the user traffic and reception since the launch of the website.


  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website development


The rationale behind the display of such equipment with sharp colour palettes and aesthetic gave us the opportunity to experiment with the colour selection and web design.


Professionals can browse through the categories and individual products to view extensive details regarding their specifications, technical features, charts and all relevant information.


The display of the products themselves lead us to create a logo with sharp details and colours according to the website’s colour palette. We used the company’s first letter which fits perfectly with the “lifting” hint we added to reflect the equipment they offer.