OMO agency

OMO AGENCY is a sales platform representing hand picked, high fashion, upscale interior and lifestyle brands. As a native Scandinavian living in Greece, the owner was interested in exploring and expanding her business transactions between the two markets and create a mixed business model combining multi-brand showroom, distribution and PR services. Her strong passion with high quality and aesthetics and her business background are the reasons OMO AGENCY represents some of the most exceptional brands in fashion and interior design.

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As OMO AGENCY offers a variety of services, our main challenge was to create a website that will focus on the brands the company represents. We designed 3 different solutions to make sure that the client would understand the differences between the UX & UI experience and in the end choose the one that suited her needs the best.

We used a grid layout for the brands’ presentation on the homepage and we’ ve worked a lot in photo selection and editing, so as to provide to the website the proper look & feel for each brand. We used a lot of white spaces, thin lines, light grey colors and a quite minimal scandinavian and elegant environment in order to leave enough spaces for the brands and their unique aesthetics to stand out.


  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Website development

LOGO DESIGN (roll over) (tap once)

Taking into account the fact that OMO AGENCY will represent various brands with their different logos concerning styles and symbols, a simple yet elegant presentation of the name was the ideal solution for the brand.


I am very happy with the result of my website. Beattewhites listened to my needs and executed above expectations. Always attentive and quick to answer! Anne Meurling