Taconeo Studio

Electra Chrysanthou and Giannis Papagiannoulis are two talented artists that have been engaged to the art of flamenco and percussions for most of their lives. Taconeo Studio is the space where they teach and spread this unique form of musical expression to their students. They have trusted us to create a website that reflects their love and dedication to flamenco and communicates its culture - just like their studio does.

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Since TACONEO is a place full of dance and music, we wanted its web space to have the same atmosphere and give a sense of movement to its visitors. Our greatest challenge was to apply the audiovisual and parallax scrolling effects while surpassing the risk to conceal important information we needed to communicate about the studio.

We had to do a lot of research on this interesting subject in order to comprehend, at a minimum level, the history behind flamenco and percussions; we even had brief interviews with Electra and Giannis for this purpose- this was fun!

We experimented a lot with design and programming alternatives to create a visually balanced but also lively website. We created graphics that follow the intense tone of flamenco and added percussions music to complete the feeling. The colours were carefully selected to fit the flamenco culture but in a more unique way rather than classic.

The result was a visually appealing web space with clear UI and well structured content that produces a dynamic and pleasant user experience.


  • Logo design
  • Concept
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Content creation
  • Content managment
  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Programs

THE LOGO (roll over) (tap once)

The logo was designed under the same principles having in mind that “taconeo” is the hill-clicking sound. It should be “musical” and sharp at the same time thus we came up with handwritten typefaces.


Nothing more than the palette of flamenco!


“BEATTHEWHITES! We completely trust them and seek their advice on everything! Electra Chrysanthou, Yiannis Papagiannoulis