Thumbs up for the Notion app!

Thumbs up for the Notion app!

The continuous development of a team through specific processes is reflected in every project it is asked to implement. In recent years, we have spent a lot of time researching and testing tools for organising both BTW’s corporate governance and how we implement projects, as one is an extension of the other.

We need a new tool!

Our needs were clear. We needed a tool with the following features:

  • Multiple solutions at the level of corporate organization so as to be able to choose the most suitable for BTW’s needs.
  • Interactivity and connectivity with other systems and applications.
  • The capability to create multiple interlinked databases.
  • Team and sub-team support.
  • Sophisticated structure and automation provision.
  • High level security.

After many months of searching and experimenting with various organizational and project management tools we decided that Notion serves all our  needs in ways that are both appropriate and functional.


Large companies such as Figma, Pixar, Headspace etc make use of Notion. In our first months of its use, we have already managed to reach an excellent level both in internal organization and communication, as well as in the more efficient management of our projects and clients.

As BTW people work both in-house and remotely, we have been able  to create procedures through Notion that mean  the whole team  stays “connected”. Everyone knows where to find  essential information at both a corporate level and for current project implementations. In addition,  Notion’s interactive format means that we are all kept in the loop in real time. Each individual team (designers, developers, account managers, project managers, etc) has the ability to access specific material through the creation of multiple databases while building an ecosystem of information and reports that act as user manuals for both existing and new team members.

Last but not least, in terms of corporate governance, through Notion we have been able to integrate all of our  separate information entities (CRM, SALES, CLIENTS, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PROJECT LIFECYCLE, SLAs, HR), while retaining the specific characteristics of each one.  In this way, we now have a single overview of all the information needed by  our client and  project management teams, as well as BTW’s  management.


We are excited! Notion provides us with a daily operational framework for BTW project implementations  that saves  production time – meaning that we can convert this time into knowledge and personal development. This is a key element of BTW’s company culture and something we are permanently invested in. Thank you, Notion team!

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